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  • February25th

    CPA Australia has a great resource on Disaster Recovery, and recently I recorded some advice at the following link:

    The point about recovering from a disaster is that we all should be prepared to deal with the unexpected.

    Recovery is about understanding your business and being able to adapt quickly when unusual events occur.

    Have a listen.

  • February8th

     Some of the reasons it is important for a business to be aware of its environmental impact and manage sustainability:

    • Reduce waste
    • Add value to clients and suppliers
    • Improve the bottom line
    • Develop systems that  use resources effectively and efficiently
    • Effectively manage company brand and positioning
    • Be a good citizen
    • Contribute to the environmental awareness of its communities and workforce
    • Reduce carbon emissions

     It seems to me that sustainability is about being mindfully aware of our impact on others and the planet and taking positive action now.

     Good business sense really.