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  • June8th

    If you can find the time, I think the following podcast summarises a lot of my thoughts on the issues companies face as they grow.


    We work with a number of companies who are on a growth path, and some of the issues we face are almost the same –

    • Capacity – can we deliver on our promises
    • People – do we have the right people doing the right thing – and do they have adequate resources to perform well
    • Money – how do we manage the flow
    • The business model – can it deliver on our promise consistently – deliver value to clients that they are happy to pay for
    • Our environmental impact – what should we consider is important to us as we seek to grow

    The podcast is about 15 minutes – worth a listen if you take the time now or download the MP3 for later.

    Thanks to CPA Australia for supporting and sharing this podcast, they have done a great job in making the issue of growth real.